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  •   New-York, USA
  •   September, 21
  •   59.00

We Offer:

  • First Class Airplane
  • Comfortable Hotel
  • Friendly Local Guides
  • New Acquaintances
  • Unforgettable Time
  • Role Playing Games
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Best Food 24/7
  • Nice Raffle Prizes
  • Leading World DJs
  • Amazing Feelings
  • Lot of Energy Drinks
  • Medical Insurance
Stage Event Host
19:00 2nd Introduction Larry the Bird
21:00 1st Warm-up Otto Slim
23:50 1st Hellfire Haze Band & Otto Slim
03:40 2nd Afterparty Larry the Bird
05:00 2nd Chilling Ambient 9