This is Kate Template. The idea to create cool web template was born back in 2015.

Starting from then i was hard working on Kate on my spare time sharpening all aspects of template.

During 2018 i made three attempts to put up Kate Template for sale on ThemeForest, every time colossally improving template, but every time it was rejected without explanation.

At the moment i've got no time to continue work on project, so i decided to put project on hold for undefined period.

Creating theme for sale involves you into different aspects of web development, and i see it as a very interesting experience. Full list of things i was faced while developing Kate is below.

I hope you will like Kate Template as much as i do.

If you got any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me -

  • gulpfile
    • development
      • setting up sophisticated template system based on handlebars
      • setting up handlers for css preprocessors and javascript
      • setting up image resizer/optimizer
    • production
      • setting up template system to convert structure and links for bundle
      • setting up image and video placeholder tasks for bundle
      • setting up HTML validator to make sure every page is fine
  • drawing more than 200 predefined layouts on paper and then make them as HTML pages
  • creating support forum with envato-purchase validator
  • writing exceed documentation for every page and block on Kate Template
  • combining more than 60 3rd-party plugins to make them work property together
  • writing cool lab (flask on the left side of the page) to view and feel template features as easy as possible
  • incredible number of hours of development and testing
  • photoshopping images for themeforest preview and writing unique and interesting content text
  • picking up large amount of images/videos/mockups with allowing of commercial use
  • project management stuff using trello
  • ...
  • making all listed above as one